Командо Коди, небесный маршал Вселенной / Commando Cody / Commando Cody Sky Marshal of the Universe (Harry Keller, Franklin Adreon, Fred C. Brannon) [1953, США, Фантастика, VHSRip] (СТ : kosmoaelita-karlivanovich)

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Командо Коди, небесный маршал Вселенной / Commando Cody / Commando Cody Sky Marshal of the Universe
Страна: США, Republic Pictures (I)
Жанр: Фантастика
Год выпуска: 1953
Продолжительность: 12 х ~ 00:30:00
Перевод: Субтитры kosmoaelita-karlivanovich
Режиссер: Harry Keller, Franklin Adreon, Fred C. Brannon
В ролях:
Judd Holdren ... Commando Cody
Aline Towne ... Joan Gilbert
Gregory Gaye ... The Ruler
Craig Kelly ... Mr. Henderson
Dale Van Sickel ... Clancy
Richard Crane ... Dick Preston
Gloria Pall ... The Moon Girl
Lyle Talbot ... Baylor
John Crawford ... Alien
Eddie Foster ... Mason
Описание: Dangerous weather and climate changes are ravaging the Earth. Masked super-scientist Commando Cody is approached by the U.S. government to investigate. Among the tools at his disposal are a sonic-powered one-man flying suit with an aerodynamic helmet and a new Cody-designed and built rocketship.
With his colleagues Joan and Ted (later replaced by Dick), he ascertains the disasters are being caused by space-alien forces led by a mysterious "Ruler" of unknown planetary origins, with occasional help from hired, Earth-born criminals. Warding off various dangers, Cody and his associates are able to methodically close in on the culprits and reveal that The Ruler is from Venus. In the final episode he meets his end on Mercury with the help of the Mercurians.


Список эпизодов:
1 Враги Вселенной - Enemies of the Universe
2 Атомная угроза - Atomic Peril
3 Космическая месть - Cosmic Vengeance
4 Кошмарный тайфун - Nightmare Typhoon
5 Война космических гигантов - War of the Space Giants
6 Уничтожители Солнца - Destroyers of the Sun
7 Робот-монстр с Марса - Robot Monster from Mars
8 Водородный ураган - The Hydrogen Hurricane
9 Похитители Солнца - Solar Sky Raiders
10 С.О.С. Ледниковый период - S.O.S. Ice Age
11 Затерянные в открытом космосе - Lost in Outer Space
12 Пленники Часа Ноль - Captives of the Zero Hour
Качество видео: VHSRip
Формат: MKV
Видео: DivX, ~ 800 кбит/с, 640x480, 29.97 к/с
Аудио 2: Английский (AC3, 2 ch, 192 Кбит/с)
Субтитры : Русские ()
Работа над релизом:
Релиз kosmoaelita.
Видеоряд найден в сети.
Перевод на слух с англ. по заказу kosmoaelita - karlivanovich

Пример русского субтитрового перевода

Знаете ли вы, что...

Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (or, informally, Commando Cody) is a 1953 Republic Pictures black-and-white multi-chapter movie serial, which began life as a proposed syndicated television series. It consisted of twelve 25-minute sequential episodes directed by Harry Keller, Franklin Adreon, and Fred C. Brannon, that stars Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Gregory Gaye, William Schallert, Richard Crane, and Craig Kelly.
Originally intended to be broadcast on television as a 12-episode weekly series, Sky Marshall was first released theatrically in 1953 as a 12-chapter weekly serial; it was finally syndicated to television on NBC in 1955. The Commando Cody character was first introduced in Republic's earlier serial Radar Men from the Moon (1952), with actor George Wallace in the title role. Judd Holdren first played the Rocket Man character in Zombies of the Stratosphere (also 1952), but was renamed "Larry Martin" for this followup serial.


Commando Cody was originally filmed as a twelve-part television series,[1][2] but union contract issues forced Republic to first exhibit it through regular movie theaters as a 12-part weekly serial. While the TV episodes build on each other in chronological order, the serial episodes lacked the traditional cliffhanger endings that characterized all previous serials.
The Sky Marshal serial is a prequel to Republic's Radar Men from the Moon theatrical serial. The first episode has characters Joan and Ted, Commando Cody's established sidekicks in Radar Men, applying for their jobs and meeting Cody for the first time.
There was a substantial break between filming the first three and last nine episodes of the TV series, during which time Republic set about filming a Cody serial sequel called Zombies of the Stratosphere, also starring Judd Holdren as Cody, Aline Towne as Joan, and Wilson Wood as Ted. For reasons unknown, however, Republic Pictures revised these principal characters' names; thus "Commando Cody" became "Larry Martin" instead.
The third TV episode ends with the apparent death of The Ruler, suggesting that Republic may have reconsidered filming the remaining nine TV episodes and planned to cut the three it had finished into a regular science fiction feature film.
By the time work finally resumed on the Sky Marshal series, Republic had lost actor William Schallert as Cody's male colleague "Ted Richards" (played by William Bakewell in Radar Men). A replacement was found in Richard Crane, a year before his best-remembered role as the title character on the science fiction TV series Rocky Jones, Space Ranger. The Ruler also gained a female sidekick, played by Gloria Pall, though she had almost no screen dialog or action.
Flying jacket and helmet[edit]
Commando Cody reuses the Rocket Man flying jacket and helmet first seen in Republic's 1949 serial King of the Rocket Men.[2] Stock footage was also used from their other serials, including The Purple Monster Strikes.[3] The Sky Marshal series also recycles characters, sets, props, and concepts from the Radar Men serial. Two streamlined, bullet-shaped prop helmets were again used with the Rocket Man costume: The first was made of lighter weight materials and worn only during the various stunt action scenes; during filming, the single-hinged visors on both helmets frequently warped and would stick open or closed.
When not in his flying jacket and helmet, Cody wears a black military tunic with many insignia and a cap, instead of the regular business suit seen in the Radar Men serial. Cody also wears a black domino mask, to hide his real identity. Holdren always suspected this was due to producers not wanting to take a chance that he might walk out if any future demands for a higher salary were not met, as Clayton Moore had done on the popular The Lone Ranger television series. The mask presumably served to conceal any change of actor should the part ever need recasting, although disguising the change of lead with a domino mask had not worked well in the case of the Lone Ranger series.[1]
As the story opens, it is the near future as seen from the perspective of the early 1950s. Earth is in radio contact with civilizations on planets in our solar system, as well as planets in other, distant solar systems, and Commando Cody has just built the world's first spaceship. The rest of the world appears unchanged by these galactic developments. (The exterior of Cody's headquarters building is actually a Republic Pictures office building.)[1] A mysterious despot, known only as "The Ruler", his base planet even being unknown, is trying to take over the Earth with various disastrous devices. Cody is enlisted by the American government to put an end to the trouble, which takes him into the stratosphere, into outer space, and even to other worlds. The Ruler is finally brought down on Mercury, with the aid of the Mercurian Queen and her soldiers.
For the serial, a number of new outer space scenes were filmed that had not been seen before in the other Republic serials, including "space walks" for several exterior spaceship repairs; aerial raygun duels between "hero" and "enemy" spaceships; and black star fields (rather than daylight and cloud-spotted skies) for backgrounds when Cody's or the villain's spaceships were shown outside the Earth's atmosphere.
Cody and his associates use special badges that conceal radios to communicate with one another, prefiguring similar communication badges used more than 30 years later in Star Trek: The Next Generation. There were futuristic props and sets, as well as shots of the intricate model-rocket special effects work of Republic's Howard and Theodore Lydecker; the spaceships of Cody and The Ruler are the same basic shooting miniature with different attachments and markings added to make them appear different.


Уникальный идентификатор : 172487505967410959286587439434095426610 (0x81C3E2A18C5B0383A8CA1281F9687C32)
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Формат : Matroska
Версия формата : Version 4 / Version 2
Размер файла : 212 Мбайт
Продолжительность : 29 м.
Общий поток : 999 Кбит/сек
Название фильма : Commando Cody Sky Marshal of the Universe e01 Враги Вселенной - Enemies of the Universe / 1953 / Релиз
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Формат : MPEG-4 Visual
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Параметр GMC формата : Без точки перехода
Параметр матрицы формата : Default (H.263)
Режим смешивания : Сжатый битовый поток
Идентификатор кодека : V_MS/VFW/FOURCC / DX50
Идентификатор кодека/Подсказка : DivX 5
Продолжительность : 29 м.
Битрейт : 787 Кбит/сек
Ширина : 640 пикселей
Высота : 480 пикселей
Соотношение сторон : 4:3
Режим частоты кадров : Постоянный
Частота кадров : 29,970 (29970/1000) кадров/сек
Цветовое пространство : YUV
Субдискретизация насыщенности : 4:2:0
Битовая глубина : 8 бит
Тип развёртки : Прогрессивная
Метод сжатия : С потерями
Бит/(Пиксели*Кадры) : 0.086
Размер потока : 167 Мбайт (79%)
Заголовок : kosmoaelita
Библиотека кодирования : DivX 2310
Default : Да
Forced : Нет
Идентификатор : 2
Формат : AC-3
Формат/Информация : Audio Coding 3
Расширение режима : CM (complete main)
Параметр Endianness формата : Big
Идентификатор кодека : A_AC3
Продолжительность : 29 м.
Вид битрейта : Постоянный
Битрейт : 192 Кбит/сек
Каналы : 2 канала
Расположение каналов : Front: L R
Частота : 48,0 КГц
Частота кадров : 31,250 кадров/сек (1536 spf)
Метод сжатия : С потерями
Размер потока : 40,8 Мбайт (19%)
Язык : English
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Формат : VobSub
Режим смешивания : zlib
Идентификатор кодека : S_VOBSUB
Идентификатор кодека/Информация : Picture based subtitle format used on DVDs
Заголовок : Русский (kosmoaelita-karlivanovich) VobSub - перевод на слух с англ.
Язык : Russian
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Заголовок : Русский (kosmoaelita-karlivanovich) srt - перевод на слух с англ.
Язык : Russian
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Пример субтитров

00:00:03,897 --> 00:00:08,000
00:00:08,664 --> 00:00:14,130
00:00:14,164 --> 00:00:17,130
"Commando Cody Sky Marshal
of the Universe", 1953г
00:00:18,059 --> 00:00:24,322
Часть 1 - "Враги Вселенной"
(Enemies of the Universe)
00:00:26,548 --> 00:00:35,171
00:00:51,299 --> 00:00:54,011
Перевод karlivanovich
для сайта
00:01:07,555 --> 00:01:11,221
00:01:34,092 --> 00:01:36,492
Мисс Гилберт и м-р
Ричардс к Командо Коди.
00:01:36,517 --> 00:01:38,517
Да, сэр, одну минуту.
00:01:48,902 --> 00:01:52,362
Командо Коди нет, но вас
примет м-р Хендерсон.
00:01:52,387 --> 00:01:54,387
Хорошо, спасибо.
00:01:59,808 --> 00:02:02,221
М-р Хендерсон тоже тут работает?
00:02:02,246 --> 00:02:06,208
Нет, м-р Хендерсон отвечает за
все операции в открытом космосе.
00:02:06,270 --> 00:02:09,001
Даже Командо Коди
выполняет его приказы.
00:29:12,476 --> 00:29:15,339
Нет, но Земля в
смертельной опасности.
00:29:15,562 --> 00:29:19,055
У нас по-прежнему опасный и
могущественный враг в космосе.
00:29:19,088 --> 00:29:21,716
Этому кораблю будет
много работы.
00:29:21,780 --> 00:29:23,780
И нам тоже.



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punk2, А Вы сами оплачиваете новые переводы? А то ни тем сборов, ничего нет, как на других трекерах. Даже как-то странно..
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Одно время я думал взять этот сериал, т.к. 2 штуки сделал уже (про ракетчика), но потом глянул - уж больно он однообразен. Автору благодарность за труды.
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